A Brief Guide to Gardening Issues

Gardening Issues What You Need To Know Tenant’s responsibilities regarding gardens, according to most tenancy agreements, is to maintain the landlord’s garden and return it in the same, or similar condition, as at time of check in. Lawns, if tidy at check in, should be left tidy and borders weeded if this was the condition […]

A Brief Guide to Fair Wear & Tear

Fair Wear and Tear What You Need To Know The House of Lords has stated that a tenant cannot be held responsible for damage at the end of a tenancy caused by ‘reasonable use of the premises and the ordinary operation of natural forces’. When assessing whether something is fair wear and tear, or tenant […]



Condensation What You Need to Know There is always some moisture in the air. However, when the air gets cold, it cannot hold onto all the extra moisture produce by everyday activities, so some of this moisture appears as small droplets of water – most noticeable on windows or where there is little movement of […]

Staying Safe with Inventories

property inventories

Quality Matters When it comes to Inventories, it can be so frustrating to see that not all providers offer as detailed an inventory as they should. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter who produces the inventory for a rented property. It can be anyone from a Professional Inventory Clerk, the Landlord, someone from the Letting Agent or your […]